Can't you keep your shoes on girl ?

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This is another video that I taped this summer when Lisa and I went to have lunch with a friend from work. That day my princess was wearing a pair of black pants, a white blouse, a black vest, a pair of sheer nylon socks, and her extremely loose and low cut André black ballerinas. Of course as soon as I saw what shoes she was wearing, I immediately knew that she had probably shoeplayed constantly at her desk that morning (and probably even lost accidentally those ultra loose slip-ons a few times!) and it got quickly confirmed when we sat down at our table as she immediately started crossing her feet at the ankles under her chair, losing instantly her precious flats and just 5 minutes after sitting down, the little slut was already completely shoeless and toying with one of her empty shoes !!!!!!!!!! Then after about 10 minutes, Lisa got up to go to the toilets but after just a couple steps, she stepped right out of her right ballet flat (and I also got that on tape !!!!!!!!!!). My colleague caught her and smiled at her while she was retrieving her lost shoe and my princess just smiled back but she was clearly embarrassed ;-))))))))))))

Now what embarrassed me as well is that while Lisa was away, my colleague asked me "Is it me or Lisa seems to have problems with all her shoes ?", so I told him "yeah, she's got tiny feet" but by the way he was looking ironic, I bet he was thinking "And yet she can't resist wearing pumps and ballerinas"... What made his thoughts pretty clear is that when Lisa came back he started talking about a recent party where he had been with his girlfriend and after a moment he said to Lisa "my girlfriend can't stay in her heels very long, like most women apparently !" with a big smile on his face ... Lisa told him "Well, women's shoes can be very uncomfortable" but she didn't realize that he was in fact talking about her !!! Man I almost blushed like a school girl when I realized that he was innocently trying to tease Lisa for wearing ultra loose and low cut pumps and flats all the time (after all I don’t know this guy since very long but he clearly understood the kind of girl my wife is !!!)

As the minutes passed Lisa kept shoeplaying more and more and boy, after seeing her lose her little ballerinas so effortlessly under her chair for 20 minutes, I wanted to tease her so badly !!!!!!!!! What was really driving me nuts is that even after making a fool of herself in front of my colleague, she just couldn't resist shoeplaying like crazy, and as I could clearly hear the frequent "clac" sounds of her empty flats hitting the floor, I knew my colleague could perfectly hear them as well ... Man, all I could think was "Can't you keep your shoes on little slut ?!!! Everyone at this table knows what you're doing under your chair !!!!!". So as the lunch went on, I got more and more impatient to deprive her from her beloved flats, but unfortunately I couldn't find the right moment ... until she finally started dipping out of both of her shoes again ;-))))))

As soon as I saw her left flat laying empty on the floor, I immediately kicked it way out of her reach behind her chair, and the skimpy shoe ended up in plain sight for everyone behind us ;-))))))))))))))) The poor girl was talking with my colleague when it happened so she didn't realize a thing, and when I saw that she wasn't very worried about her missing shoe as she continued her little shoeplay, I decided to turn my attention back to her. After all she was being such a slut with those ultra loose ballet flats that I thought that she really deserved to have both of them taken away from her... So when I spotted a good occasion just a few minutes later, I quickly stole her other shoe and made sure that both of her slutty flats were now way out of her reach but in full view for everyone else ;-)))))))))))))))))) Now what really turned me on is that I could see that people around us couldn’t stop staring at those empty low cut ballerinas (and their flashy pink insoles were surely attracting people’s attention), and as you will see, it looked like a lot of persons in the food court were happy to see Lisa in such trouble !!!!!!!! Some of them clearly didn’t want her to get her shoes back as they just kicked her empty flats around like they weren’t even there, while some others made sure to seat in the best place so they could enjoy the fact that Lisa’s nylon soles were exposed while she was desperately trying to find her sexy flats !!!!!!!!!!

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  • William

    Hope you will post more of Lisa's shoe playing in her loose Andre black ballet flats with lots of toe cleavage. They are my favorites. Best wishes to you, Bill

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