Depriving Lisa from her slutty pumps at the food court

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This video is a goldmine for all those who love Lisa’s little Jonak pumps ;-))) I taped it when I went to have lunch with Lisa and her intern at the food court, and when I saw that she was wearing her outrageously loose and low cut Jonak white flat pumps (with a pair of black pants, a white blouse, a grey vest and a pair of extra sheer nylon socks), I just couldn’t get my eyes off her feet !!!! Although the back of those pumps hasn’t crushed down as much as her black ones (the blacks are made of extra thin suede leather while the whites are made with more hard leather), those slutty flats just slip off her feet constantly and in fact, she often loses them unexpectedly even when she tries to keep them on !!!!!!!!!!! As a result Lisa tends to shoeplay even more when she wears them, especially when she stands in one place more than 10 seconds, you can be sure that she’s going to put on some dipping, even if she’s standing in a crowded place !!!!! What drives me nuts is that her feet are so narrow that there is a gap all around her feet between her skin and the leather of those pumps, and as they are so outrageously low cut on the sides and on the toes, everytime she lifts her feet off the floor, her precious flats instantly fall off her feet !!!!!!!!!

Well on that particular day, not only she couldn’t stop dipping in and out of her shoes while we were waiting in the queue to make our orders, but she was having the worst difficulties in keeping her pumps on her feet while she was walking with her meal tray in her hands …She was trying to take very small steps but as I was right behind her, I could see that her slutty flats were sometimes slipping off a bit too much, revealing instantly her tiny toes and forcing her to slow down even more to slip her shoes back on !!!!!!! Man after seeing this I already wanted to confiscate her provocative pumps so badly but it got even harder to control myself when we sat at our table … As you will see, she immediately started her classic “crossed ankles shoe dipping”, but after only 5 minutes, I noticed that this little slut was already completely shoeless under her chair !!!!!!! Man I couldn’t believe that she was playing so much with her pumps so I forced myself to stop looking at her feet for a while so I wouldn’t cream my pants in front of everyone ;-))) As the minutes passed, I realized that not only she couldn’t stop shoeplaying and dipping constantly under her chair, but she was also regularly dipping out of BOTH shoes at the same time, giving me a perfect view of her empty pumps and their ridiculously low cut vamps … Of course I was tempted to steal her shoes immediately but I thought that it would be better to wait until the food court was a bit more crowded … and boy was I right ;-))))))

As you will see, I managed to steal both of her shoes TWICE, and on the second occasion I got a little help from the people who were sitting near our table ;-))))) On the first occasion, I kicked both of her pumps out of her reach, but as I had kicked her left pump under the chair of the woman who was sitting right next to Lisa, my poor princess thought that this lady was trying to steal her shoes !!!!!! On the second occasion, I wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t get her precious flats back so I kicked them out of her sight and way out of her reach behind her chair ;-)))))) Now the really tasty part is that throughout this video, you will see a guy wearing a pair of blue jeans and some Adidas sneakers walking back and forth behind Lisa’s chair, and clearly he spent his whole lunch observing Lisa’s shoeplay and her toe cleavage pumps, because as soon as he got a good opportunity to deprive Lisa from one of her pumps, he took it !!!!!!!!!!! My poor princess’ shoes ended up getting pushed and kicked by different persons, and man it really turned me on to see that some of them were thinking the same thing: “Let’s make sure this little slut finishes her lunch in just her nylon socks !!!”.

When we left the food court, Lisa's intern took the underground to meet up with some friends so I offered my sweet wife to drive her back to work, and of course I took this opportunity to record her feet with my phone while we were walking to my car ... and what I saw really made my heart race !!!!!!!! Not only her heels were popping out of her flats with every step, but in about only 200 metres, my poor darling walked right out of her slutty pumps 3 times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I couldn't believe that she was going back to work with such loose pumps on her feet, and boy I really wished that I had parked my car more far away that day ;-)))))))

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Comments (6)

  • Anonymous

    Would be super HOT if she was bare feet with those white Jonak flats with painted toes, blue toes would be absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!

  • In reply to: Anonymous

    She very rarely goes barefoot at work but I might catch her barefoot in those pumps this summer ;) Not sure about the blue nails color though (usually she uses various shades of red)

  • Anonymous

    I've noticed how she likes to paint her toes maroon/darker red rather than the bright colours. Neon pink would be breathtaking! I prefer the brighter colours rather than the dark/dull ones. But DAMN, your wife is certainly one heck of a kind! How do you even live day to day without getting a heart attack from those sexy ass soles, arches and toes?!? Tell us your secret!! haha

  • In reply to: Anonymous

    It's true that sometimes when we're outside or with some friends I get some huge hard ons that are quite difficult to hide, especially when she combines a sexy dress with her outrageously low cut shoes :p Sometimes I try to stop looking at her for a moment but usually I find a way to make her lose her slutty pumps so she'll stop teasing ;)

  • Anonymous

    How often does Lisa paint her toes?

  • In reply to: Anonymous

    Sorry dude, I missed your post :p Once a week usually but it also depends on how much free time she has ...

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