Dangling and losing her pink flats at the airport - Part I

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This video is in 2 parts and contains different vids that I shot during my last business trip to Italy. As Lisa had to take a few days off work, I offered her to come with me so she could visit the country while I was working there for 3 days. Although we didn’t spend much time together, I got a good opportunity to tape her feet discreetly with my phone while we were in the airports, and boy did I catch some really sexy dangling scenes ;-))))))))))) What first caught my attention is that Lisa had decided to wear her very loose Buffalo pink patent ballerinas during the whole trip (barefoot everytime) and when I asked her if she had took a pair of sneakers for all the walking she would have to do, she just said “no, my pink flats are comfortable enough and they don’t slip off too much” … Man I couldn’t help smiling when she told me that as I know that those slutty flats slip off her heels with almost every step but I thought that it was so typical coming from her (she’s the kind of girl who just can’t renounce wearing her “girly shoes” under any circumstances, even if her very loose and low cut shoes are really inappropriate !!! You know the type, we’ve all seen a girl wearing delicate pumps to walk in a forest or on an archaeological site …). Anyway, in this first part you will see the huge dangling that Lisa was doing in the terminal while we were waiting for our flight. Not only her slutty ballerinas just kept slipping of her feet (literally forcing her to dangle !!!) but with the crowd walking around us, I thought that her little shoes would be knocked off or kicked away on multiple occasions (hopefully for her it didn’t happen!)

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