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Lisa’s new designer pumps

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A couple months ago Lisa bought herself a new pair of shoes but it’s only recently that I managed to take pictures of them when she brought back home all the shoes she had in her office during the winter vacations. They are a pair of black patent flat pumps with a kitten block heel, and of course given my wife’s tastes in shoes, they show A LOT of toe cleavage ;)))))))))))))) Unfortunately, up to now I have only seen her wearing them once (and it was for a very brief moment at breakfast) so I didn’t see how well those shoes stay on, but what’s sure is that she was dangling them very sexily since they’re so low cut at the front (her 5 toes are almost completely exposed when she has them on, and I would say that the leather barely covers more than her toe nails!!!!)

Those beautiful designer pumps are from the brand “Les prairies de Paris” and are quite expensive (250 € / 300 US dollars). I actually didn’t know this brand until I saw Lisa wearing them but apparently they make very low cut shoes (all their pumps and flats seem to show an incredible amount of toe cleavage!) so I’m pretty sure that my princess is gonna lose them VERY EASILY after they get a little worn (if they don’t slip off unexpectedly already)… What’s also very interesting is that they seem a bit big for her as she told me that the saleswoman had suggested her to buy insoles with them (so her feet wouldn’t “float” too much inside her shoes) and as always she joked with her about the fact that her feet were too small and narrow for most of the pumps she could find!

I think for now she uses those shoes as a “safe pair” to plead in court or when she receives her clients in her office because they were almost immaculate when I examined them (even the soles), so I bet that those black beauties have mostly been worn on the soft carpet floor of her office and that she probably spends more time out of them than inside ;)))))))))))) Everytime I have lunch with her now I hope that she will be wearing those shoes so that I can see how easily they slip off her feet but so far no luck… I guess I’ll have to find more free time to find out, because man those sexy pumps really got me intrigued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • In reply to: john doe

    You'll have to come to Paris to buy the shoes she wears ;) She has her habits in 3 or 4 shoe stores in Paris (most of her shoes come from there).
    I just released a new vid (Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 8), you should check it out...and yep don't worry, she regularly gets some tickling on her cleavage (I love making her lose her shoes simply by tickling the exposed parts of her feet), I just don't film it usually as it not practical to tickle her feet with a phone in my hands :p

  • William

    Since I really liked Lisa wearing the black flats with red soles in the past, I must say I am looking forward to see how these new ones, which are so similar, except that they are nicely lower cut in the front, look and wear. I am also glad that they appear to be a little large for her. But I do miss the old ones. It takes years to wear in the shoes like that to make them so loose. I hope you get to see them on her so that you can report more of your wonderfully written stories. Regards and best wishes.

  • charles

    They look great. We are ready to see them in action!

  • A.J.

    Beautiful, can't wait to see them on her. Someone at her office will try to get them when she slips them off .

  • In reply to: A.J.

    Yep, that's exactly what I thought when I saw her strutting in them for lunch... Those pumps have so very little leather to cover her toes that they barely cling to her feet and they already slip off her heels when she walks :D:D:D So yeah, I have absolutely no doubt that some of her colleagues are gonna take great delight in confiscating them at the first occasion!

  • Bob

    Would like to see Lisa dangle her new black flats in nylons, at a table in public, where the table and chairs are higher, so her feet or shoes can"t touch the floor. If they fall off it would make a lot of noise, and Lisa would have to get off the chair to get her shoes back on. My wife JoAnne did that once wearing her LOVELY PUMPS flats. It made quite a commotion. No mater how hard Joanne tried, her shoes just wouldn't stay on.

  • Bob

    Would like to see Lisa sit at a high table and chair so her feet and shoes can't touch the floor' and wearing her new black flats and red inserts and nylons. When her shoes fall off it will make a load sound falling to the floor. Lisa will have to get off her chair to get them back on. My wife wore her LOVELY PUMP flats like this one time and when they kept falling off, it caused quite a commotion.

  • Bob Way

    Would like to see Lisa sit on a high table and chair in PUBLIC while wearing her new black flats with the red inserts and nylons. When Lisa loses her shoes , she will have to get off her chair and put them back on. This happened to my wife JoAnne while wearing her LOVELY PUMPS flats. JoAnne just couldn't keep them on being so loose and low cut. This caused quite a commotion, at the eatery

  • Robert Way

    Would like to see Lisa sit at a high table and chair in PUBLIC so her feet and shoes can't touch the floor. When her shoes fall off Lisa will have to get off the chair and put her shoes back on. It will make a load noise when they fall off.This happened to my wife JoAnne while wearing her LOVELY PUMPS flats. JoAnne could't keep them on being loose and so low cut. This caused a lot of noise and commotion, at the eatery.

  • In reply to: Robert Way

    I already tried to film her when she was sitting on a stool in restaurants but it's really not practical as it's too high for my spycam and I can't spend my whole lunch eating with one hand and filming her with my phone blindly with the other one :p Besides now she tends to avoid stools in public places, especially when they don't have a metallic bar to rest her feet because it usually means that she's gonna spend her entire lunch shoeless (especially when she's wearing her Jonak pumps as they're way too loose to stay on her feet if they just "hang" above the floor). It actually happened recently when she was wearing her beloved black suede Jonak pumps, and after 3 failed attempts to climb on the stool during which she either lost one or both of her pumps, she finaly gave up and resigned herself to leave her little flats on the floor during 20 minutes (almost the entire time we were there!) and her tiny feet quickly got cold :p

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