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Low cut pumps are not for everyone!

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This video features Enora Malagré (a co-host of a famous French TV show) losing one of her ultra low cut Louboutin pumps in live ;-))))))))))) For those who don’t know her, this girl is well known for her love for Louboutin shoes and quite often you can see that she kicks them off during the shows. The only problem is that she is so small and has such tiny feet that she has already lost her shoes accidentally multiple times, and the fact that she likes to wear such ultra low cut pumps really doesn’t help… Just look at the toes of her left foot in the video and as you will see, although she was clenching them, she still lost her shoe anyway!!!!!!!

Man how many times did I see Lisa losing one or both of her shoes just like that, and I can actually remember several occasions when it happened while we were out with some friends or during a party, and some of our friends were really puzzled and couldn’t understand how my princess had managed to lose her shoes!!!!!!!!!!! It actually happened again not so long ago while Lisa and I were invited at a birthday party. Lisa was sitting cross-legged on the carpet floor while she was playing with our friends kids, and at one point she decided to get up to help her friend in the kitchen but when she stood up, she lost her balance and fell on the couch that was right behind her, and in the process both of her ultra low cut black Jonak pumps flew right off her feet and landed a meter away, right in front of our other friends who started laughing hysterically!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my best friends was actually really puzzled and said “How the hell did you lose your shoes Lisa?” and his wife picked up her empty pumps and gave them back to her. As my friend started talking to me I couldn’t hear completely the girls’ conversation while Lisa was slipping her pumps back on but I distinctly heard my princess say “no they’re the right size but my feet are too narrow for them”… I pretended that I hadn’t heard them but all I could think was “yeah girl, those pumps are way too low cut for your narrow feet but you still wear them all the time!!!!!”… Man, girls like Lisa or Enora Malagré can be so slutty with their little shoes and they don’t even realize it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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