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Uncanny resemblance

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I recently stumbled upon some very nice artwork on the DeviantArt website and I wanted to share it with you guys ;) Those wonderful drawings are made by an italian artist named Luca, and as you can see, he has a fetish for girls wearing very loose and low cut flats getting stuck in various situations :))) I was browsing his portfolio, and when I looked at his "Ivy's Adventures" series, I almost thought that he knew Lisa as his character looks just like her!!!! The slender body, the long hair (although Lisa likes to curl hers), the strapless dress, the ultra loose and low cut flats... man it was like someone had made a comics about my sweet wife!!!!! I find the details of the feet and shoes in particular really amazing, and if you look at the final picture of this album and at his other drawings, you will see that Luca also has a thing for girls losing completely their clothes (dress and shoes at the same time) and I must say that I share the same fetish :)))) In fact, when I see that sometimes Lisa's boobs can slip out of her dresses just as easily as her feet from her ultra loose and low cut flats, it makes her look so vulnerable that it's a huge turn on for me ;))))

Below is the whole "Cement Stuck" episode, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did ;)
Luca's complete portfolio can be found at: http://luk742003.deviantart.com

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