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Old previews - Part 2

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Continuing the re-upload of old previews that got deleted with my previous Youtube account, and this time I propose you a little focus on Lisa's André black ballet flats ;) Sadly Lisa hasn't been wearing those shoes a lot these days (but I know that she still wears them at work from time to time) and unfortunately I didn't get the chance to catch her in them when I met her for lunch the past few months :( I don't know if it's because she thinks that those ballerinas are too worn out to walk with them outside (I suspect she changes shoes to go out when she wears them at work), but I sure miss the shows she puts on with those ultra loose and low cut flats!!!!!

The first vid is actually one of my greatest memories with those shoes as I had accompanied Lisa to the mall and she was constantly losing her little flats while she was walking :)))))))) But the best part is that she had to meet 2 of her male colleagues at the food court for an improvised meeting that day, and as she just couldn't stop playing with her loose ballerinas under chair (and quite often losing them accidentally), I managed to discreetly confiscate both of her slutty flats and the poor girl had to spend over 20 minutes completely shoeless ;))))))))))))))))) Man I just hope I'll get another occasion to do that again, and who knows maybe this time someone will help me to deprive her permanently from those ballet flats that she loves so much ;-)))

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  • will

    These shoes are my favorites, precisely because they are worn out and so loose. I love it when she is standing up and shifting position and steps out of them. And I love the amount of toe cleavage. And I love when she curls the toes of her left foot and she squeezes the shoe off. Yes of all the wonderful clips, these with bare footed in these are my favorite. Somehow. let her know how her feet dress up the shoes rather than how her new shoes seem to overshadow her feet. Merci!

  • In reply to: will

    You're not the only one to love those shoes Will, I get a lot of messages about them, and yes she loses those flats REALLY EASILY :D I think that the pink insoles really highlight every heelpop and shoeplay she does in them, I guess that's one of the reasons why people always stare at those sexy ballerinas ;)

  • william

    These loose black ballet flats are my favorites. Maybe, I hope, we will all get to see her in them again.
    They are so wonderfully loose. We can all hope. Thanks so much. Bill

  • In reply to: william

    I know she still wears them (rarely but she does), I just need to be more lucky to be around when she has them "on" ;)

  • Chuck

    I like flats with soft backs that slip off and get wrinkled and crushed under a womans's heel. I would love to see Lisa get caught in a rain storm in her old brown French Sole flats, getting her shoes completely soaked. Then see her walking around in her wet shoes, outdoors and in a store or mall, with the backs crushed and slipping off her heels with almost every step. I also think you should do HD video.

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