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Lisa's new Guess flat pumps

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Just a quick article to let you know that Lisa recently bought a new pair of shoes right after coming back from our vacations (just the usual thing that she does to cheer herself up before getting back to work ;-). They are Guess (by Marciano) suede flat pumps, and as you can see, they have VERY LOW CUT vamps ;-)))))))))))) Lisa recently worn them at work and she was really happy with all the compliments that she got from her colleagues, and she even told me that some of the female lawyers in her office had tried them on and that it had convinced some of them to buy the same pair!!! (as apparently the leather is very soft which makes those pumps quite comfortable). Man just imagining all those women slipping their feet in and out of Lisa's new pumps makes me hard as a rock, but more than that, I would be very curious to know what all those women REALLY thought about Lisa's Guess pumps when they saw that her toes were almost completely exposed by the ridiculously low cut vamps (and there's barely enough leather to cover the nail of her little toe!!!!!!!!!)... Man, they know that Lisa is a loose flats lover so I bet that no one pointed out the fact that they were already slipping off her heels with every step, but I'm sure that a lot of her colleagues think that she's a little slutty to show off her toes like that (especially as almost everyone at her work has already seen her losing one of her ridiculously low cut pumps accidentally in front of some clients or during a meeting).

Now what saves her for now is that there's much more leather on the sides and at the back of those pumps than there is on her beloved Jonak pumps, so although her feet already slip out of her Guess pumps with every step, I haven't seen her stepping out of them yet (but until now I only saw her wearing them twice, and each time it was just for about a half hour and she was barefeet). But what really excites me about her Guess pumps is that the suede leather is just as thin and soft as her black suede Jonak pumps... So I just hope that she's gonna wear them a lot during the next weeks/months because if she walks a lot in them, it won't be long before the leather starts to stretch and crush down just like it did with her beloved black Jonaks, and boy, with such low cut vamps, I bet those shoes are soon gonna become impossible to keep on ;-))))))))))))))) Man I just can't wait to see her wearing those beauties for a lunch with me and her colleagues... with the very slick soles they have, I bet they can disappear very quickly from underneath her chair ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))) FYI I made a quick vid of those pumps this week-end, I'll try to post it later this week ;)

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  • Karl

    Looks like another all-star addition to her wardrobe. Please don't keep us waiting long.

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