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A message for loose flats predators

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Recently some people asked me to re-upload some of my old video previews (which got deleted with my previous Youtube account), so I thought that I should start with Lisa's favourite shoes: her ultra loose and low cut black suede Jonak pumps ;-). Actually while I was re-uploading those vids, it reminded me some of the really nice comments that I had received about Lisa's black Jonak pumps on Youtube, and the one in particular that immediately came to my mind was a message from "Queen Markita" (most of you know her by the name "Shante Savage" on YT but sadly her account recently got deleted).

For those who don't know her, she and her boyfriend have a big fetish for girls wearing pumps and ballet flats (loose flats are their target of choice) and they posted some really hot vids (sometimes involving both of them, but most of the time just her boyfriend), removing girl's shoes right off their feet but always making it look like it was an accident!!! (her boyfriend actually has a special thing for stepping on the back of women's flats to make them slip off their feet so he can have a good opportunity to fondle their shoes and feet while he apologizes!!!). Now althought I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT TO DO THAT (at least if you're not as talented as this guy but most importantly, as polite and self controlled as him), sometimes I would like to invite those guys in France just so they would take care of Lisa's shoes for a whole day, and torment her real bad for all the shoeplay she does all the time ;-))))))))))))))))

After watching one of Shante's videos (where she and her boyfriend were gently bullying their best friend who was wearing a really loose fitting pair of ballerinas), I sent her the links of some of my YT videos showing Lisa wearing her favourite Jonak black pumps. I asked Shante what she would do if she was sitting next to Lisa, and her answer really made my heart race!!!! Sadly her message got deleted when my old YT account got suspended, but from what I recall, she said "First I would use my feet to snatch those flats right off her feet, and then I would try them on, or even hide them" !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if you're familiar with my videos, you already know how easily Lisa loses her beloved Jonak pumps, but in the "hands" of Shante and her boyfriend, I bet my poor Lisa wouldn't manage to resist like their best friend did:

See how they were both cornering the poor girl ?!!!! While Shante gently tried to remove her friend's shoes to slip her own feet inside, her boyfriend crushed her half empty ballet flats which damaged the leather of those worn out shoes even more !!!!!!!! Hopefully for their best friend, the vamps of her flats were covering her toes enough to allow her to keep her shoes on, and the 2 little devils never managed to yank off her shoes completely...

Now just take a look at the 2 vids below and imagine Shante and her boyfriend sitting next to Lisa at that moment... Man, even if she tried to resist and clenched her toes, I bet it would take them less than a second to strip my princess from both of her beloved Jonak pumps, and to add to her torment, as shy as she is, I bet she wouldn't even have the courage to protest if 2 strangers were cornering her like that in a food court... Now I hope this will never happen to her as it would probably traumatize her, but as I have already received some weird propositions from french dudes who wanted to do this to Lisa, I know that there are a lot of "loose flats predators" out there... Well if you're one of them and that you recognize Lisa in a food court one day, please don't try to snatch her shoes right off her feet (even if I know that it's tempting and pretty easy!). Now of course, if you see that she's wearing an outrageously low cut pair of pumps that day and that she can't stop losing them under her chair, I leave it to your appreciation if she deserves to get a lesson or not ;-) Just make sure that she doesn't see you, and if she's dipping wildly in public at that moment, you definitely have my permission to steal her precious shoes and leave her completely shoeless in the food court (or to step on her shoes while she walks like Shante's boyfriend to unshoe her in public ;-) Now if by any chance you manage to do this, please send me some pics of what you intend to do to her little shoes (I know some of you want to cream her Jonak pumps real bad!!!) because if your plan is to ruin and destroy her slutty shoes, I really want to see that ;-))) Just remember, BE NICE AND DISCREET ;-))))))))))

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Comments (6)

  • Ash

    Great work Yann! Lisa would be easy pickings for these pedators! Do they still have any videos on-line? Lisa would be in trouble if I saw her stray shoes too! ;) When do you plan to post a new video? They are all great but I cant wait to see some more strangers messing with Lisa's lovely loose shoes! :)

  • In reply to: Ash

    Thanks Ash, yes I don't know if you've seen Shante's boyfriend "step on her shoe" vids and even some of his old vids, but yeah I bet that guy would try (and manage!) to yank off both of Lisa's black Jonak pumps in no time! And yes, I'm sure that you and all the regular visitors of this blog wouldn't miss the opportunity to deprive Lisa from her beloved little shoes ;) (that's actually why I wrote this article because with all the french fetishists who ask me where Lisa works or where she has lunch usually, I'm pretty sure that someday one of them is going to either make her lose her shoes in the street or steal them under her chair in a food court...)
    As far as I know Shante doesn't have any more vids on YT (but if you find some please let us know!), and for upcoming videos, maybe in the next few weeks as I'm not at home much at the moment, but don't worry, everytime I spend a whole week at the office, I always try to have lunch with Lisa at least once so I'm always on the hunt ;)

  • Jay

    This makes me wish I was in Paris. I hope it's not long until someone gets hold of Lisa's sexy flats!

  • In reply to: Jay

    lol :) yeah I bet you would try to get your hands on both of her slutty black Jonak pumps if you had the chance Jay! Really wonder what you would do with them though ;)

  • Ash

    Hey, any new videos iminent? Cant wait for some fresh material!

  • In reply to: Ash

    Sorry Ash, not just yet. I'm really busy at the moment but I'll try to post a new update as soon as I can.

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