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Another famous loose shoes wearer

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This is a really great catch!!! Recently there was a gala dinner at the French president’s residence with the Tunisian president and some celebrities, and among the French politicians who were invited, there was Elisabeth Guigou (a former Attorney General) who I know often likes to shoeplay. Well at that gala dinner, the lady decided to wear a pair of very loose pumps, and while she was walking in front of the photographers, she stepped out of her shoes TWICE in less than 30 seconds!!!! Now if you watch carefully the video, you can see that she was clenching her toes the whole time while she was walking on the gravels, but as soon as she reached the red carpet, she felt more confident and relaxed her toes a bit too much, and it was all her little pumps needed to fly right off her feet ;-)))))

Now what really drives me nuts is that sometimes women like her or Lisa know that they will have to walk in public or in front of important people, and yet that day, they decide to wear the most loose and low cut shoes they have, even if they know that they can’t keep them on… In fact I can’t count how many times I have seen Lisa step out of her shoes accidentally in public, but the most memorable shoe losses occurred in front of her bosses at her work, and 90% of the time she knew in advance that she would have to meet and walk with them outside, and yet on most occasions she was wearing her outrageously loose and low cut black suede Jonak pumps that slip off her heels with every step!!!!!!! Man, sometimes I can’t believe what some female shoe fetishists can do to wear their favourite “shoeplay shoes” (just watch my latest video “Wicked colleagues stole her pump !!!” and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about ;-))))))

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  • Joseph

    that is a really nice catch of a vid silky slippery nylons and loose shoes love it.

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