Lisa's new Jonak pumps : a temptation hard to resist !

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When I came back from my business trip last Thursday, I came to pick up Lisa at her gym club and what I quickly noticed is that she was wearing a new pair of pumps on her feet ... Of course I immediately recognized the ultra low cut Jonak shoe model that Lisa loves so much but this time she bought them in brown, and what really caught my eye is that not only her feet were already popping out of those pumps with every step, but as those shoes have a gold insole, it was greatly highlighting her heelpopping !!!!!! What I also noticed is that she was wearing them barefoot, and as it was quite cold outside, I asked her if her feet weren't frozen but her answer really killed me !!! She said "yes but those pumps are a bit too big for me so I have to wear them barefoot to keep them on" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man I couldn't believe my ears when she said that, and as she couldn't stop talking about her new pumps during the ride back home, what I learned really made me want to yank off her shoes and tickle her feet for being such a slut !!!!! Apparently those pumps come from a special Jonak collection and are really pricy (she bought them 150 euros) and as this shoe model is quite old and a very rare find these days, she bought the last pair that was in the shop even if they were one size too big for her !!!!!!!!!!!!! Lisa told me that she had worn them almost all week at work and she loved the compliments that she had got from her colleagues, especially on the gold insoles that she loves so much, and I started thinking "Man, she must have already lost those slutty pumps a dozen times if her colleagues have noticed that !!!!"

When we arrived at home, I was very tired from my trip and really wanted to go to bed, but when I saw that she was settling on the couch to watch some TV and read a magazine, I couldn't resist recording her feet with my phone for a moment (I'll try to upload the video soon ;-). Man you won't believe the incredible dangling show that she puts on with those pumps (especially as she wears them barefoot) but I'm already curious to see how she's going to behave with them in public ... What do you guys think ? Should I try to steal them and kick them away at the first occasion ? What would you do if you were walking in a food court and saw one of those expensive ultra low cut pumps laying empty on the floor ? As far as I'm concerned, I already want to cream those gold insoles really bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Jay

    I think you already know what I would do! I'd be treating them the same as the guy in The Stolen Ballerina video :-) I hope you go out for lunch with her soon.

  • In reply to: Jay

    Indeed that doesn't surprise me Jay ;) And I bet you would make sure to deprive the poor girl from both of her ultra low cut pumps !

  • Ash

    Hi, great work on the site and awesome on the videos. :) Cant wait for more. If I saw an unattended shoe I would make sure it found its way under the table/chairs of some strangers, preferably female and then watch the show!

    Has Lisa ever dropped a dangling shoe off in a meeting or formal meal and had trouble retrieving it? The cinema is a good place for shoe stealing/losing, I know as once the lady next to me stole my trainer during the film! I know this would be a better post if I wasn't a man! Sorry! lol

  • In reply to: Ash

    Hi Ash and thanks for your comments ;) Yes once Lisa told me that she had lost one of her LovelyPumps high heels under the table during a meeting and her ex-colleague Sandrine saw that Lisa was trying to retrieve it and she yanked off Lisa's other pump with her feet and pushed her empty shoes out of her reach so Lisa had to wait until the end of the meeting to get her shoes back ! It's a shame that colleague doesn't work there anymore because she often liked to swap shoes with Lisa, even without Lisa's consent !

    As for kicking an unattended shoe under the table of some female strangers, I'm with you, women can be really mean with each other !

  • Anonymous

    When are you going to release the video? :))) Can't wait!

  • In reply to: Anonymous

    Soon ;)

  • Anon

    When is the next lunch appointment? You need to kick this pump away.

  • In reply to: Anon

    New videos coming soon guys... And yep, if I see her wearing those pumps at lunch, I'll make sure she ends up shoeless ;)

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