Who is Lisa ?

Lisa is a 30 years old french lawyer who has a passion for feminine ultra low cut pumps and ballet flats. As Lisa's feet are very thin and narrow, most of the shoes she can find fit very loosely on her feet (even a pair of boots can be loose on her feet !!!), so with her love for outrageously low cut shoes that reveal a lot of toe cleavage, she sometimes has quite some difficulties in keeping her shoes on !!!



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The stolen Jonak pump

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This is the video that a lot of you guys have been waiting for and as promised, it's one of my best captures ever ;)))))))))) I recorded it in early September when I went to have lunch in a fast food with Lisa and my good...

Women's jealousy

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This is another video that I recorded last summer and it’s a real goldmine ;))))))))) That day I went to have lunch with Lisa and one of her male colleagues (a lawyer from her department who wanted to have her advice on a...

Loose flats confiscation

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This is a really cute catch from last July. I recorded it when Lisa and I went to have lunch with my colleagues and their wives in a food court just before the vacations. Lisa and I arrived quite late as she asked me to come...

Shoeplay compilation - Vol. 4

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This is a very long shoeplay compilation that will delight the “walking heelpopping” fans as well as all those who love to see Lisa dipping and losing her shoes in public in general ;))))))))))) In the first part I recorded...

Lisa vs The Schoolgirls

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Beware guys, this vid is a goldmine and goes directly in my top 3 all time favorites ;))))))))))) I recorded it in a food court during an informal business lunch with Lisa and her male colleague (her ex-boss and manager of...

The easy prey

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Hi guys, sorry for the long wait, here is as promised a new update that I hope you’ll enjoy during your Christmas vacations ;)))))))))) It's a video that I recorded last summer when I went to have lunch with Lisa and her...

Dangling (and tickled!) by the pool

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This is a video that I recorded this summer in our vacation house. After coming back from the beach, Lisa and I decided to relax by the pool before going to a family dinner, and when I saw what outfit my princess had decided...

Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 13

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Here’s a great catch from early July that I wanted to share with you guys ;)))))) I recorded it when I joined Lisa and one of her female colleagues in the food court near their work. They were already settled at a table when...

Shoeplay compilation - Vol. 3

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This video is a compilation of some clips that I hadn’t got the time to edit yet. As I don’t have much free time at the moment, I didn’t add any comments in the subtitles so it would be quicker to edit, but as you’ll see...

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