Who is Lisa ?

Lisa is a 30 years old french lawyer who has a passion for feminine ultra low cut pumps and ballet flats. As Lisa's feet are very thin and narrow, most of the shoes she can find fit very loosely on her feet (even a pair of boots can be loose on her feet !!!), so with her love for outrageously low cut shoes that reveal a lot of toe cleavage, she sometimes has quite some difficulties in keeping her shoes on !!!

Take her shoes!

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This video is the perfect example of what some people can do when they notice that Lisa loves to wear ultra loose and low cut pumps and to remove them in public constantly... A few weeks ago I had lunch in a fast food with...

Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 7

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Sorry for the long wait people, things have been really crazy at work lately and it’s been hard to find time to work on my video collection… Anyway, here is finally the first vid that I recorded this summer, and it’s a real...

Cinderella and the jealous bitch

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Sorry for the long delay guys, I've been very busy at work and had very little to no free time lately... As promised, here is a very nice video that I recorded about a month ago. That day Lisa was having lunch in a fast food...

Extreme shoe losses

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This vid was posted by a guy named “pop abb” on Youtube. It shows an asian woman hurrying to catch her train, but as she hurried a bit too much to walk down the stairs, she lost BOTH of her low cut pumps in the process and...

Outrageous dangling

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This is another video that I recorded this summer. At the end of July I took 3 days off work to join Lisa in our vacation house, and like almost everyday, she had invited one of her good friends who has a house nearby to...

Lisa's unkeepable golden pumps

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About 2 months ago I went to have lunch with Lisa and 2 of my colleagues in a food court near my work, and when I came to pick up my princess in front of her office, I was very pleased to see that she was wearing her ultra...

Lisa's favourite shoes - Volume 6

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This is another great video that I recorded this winter and boy, you just won’t believe your eyes when you’ll see how slutty my princess was that day!!!!!! It was below 10 degrees Celsius outside, and when I came to pick up...

The princess' new shoes

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Hi guys, just a quick update to show you Lisa's new Jonak gold flat pumps. She bought them in September but I only saw them on my wife's feet for the first time about a month ago as she was keeping those beauties in a drawer...

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